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City Working on Solution for Bobcats

Richardson Animal Services has set several live animal traps in the Canyon Creek neighborhood in response to several bobcat sightings and a few attacks on pets that have been reported.

While bobcats are a natural part of the urban wildlife environment, the City is taking the precautionary measure of setting the traps to attempt to capture any in the area due to the more aggressive behavior exhibited recently.

So far one bobcat has been caught, but traps continue to be left out since this is an active time of year for bobcats to search for food in developed areas. Bobcats typically use creek beds and storm drains as a highway system, and there has been a noticeable increase in bobcat sightings across the city this year.

A normal bobcat diet consists of birds, rodents, squirrels and rabbits. Bobcats attacking small dogs is an unusual behavior pattern. Animal Services staff believes that they have seen and identified the bobcat that is the primarily responsible for attacking dogs and have focused the trapping activity in the area. Staff checks the traps every 2 hours between 6:00 a.m. and midnight.

Bobcats are the most common wildcat in North America and typically weigh between 11 and 30 pounds and have a short tail, long legs, and large feet. Though reclusive and mostly active at night, bobcats frequently leave cover to hunt before sundown and can be seen in a variety of habitats throughout Texas. In recent years, bobcat sightings have increased within the Metroplex.

Protective Actions You Can Take
While bobcats can be active at any time of year, they do tend to be seen more often in neighborhoods during the fall and spring as they provide for their offspring.

Bobcats can easily scale an 8 ft. fence, so it is always recommended to not leave pet food outdoors because it can attract bobcats and other wild animals. Small pets are also more prone to being attacked by wildlife and it is recommend to keep them indoors if possible. If outside, you should accompany your small pets and keep them close.

If you see a bobcat you are cautioned to not approach the animal and to call Richardson’s Animal Services Division at 972-744-4480.

Golf Cart Parade at the Club-open to all!


Tis the season for festive fun — and also giving. Join us for the Holiday Parade and bring a new and unused toy to donate to Toys for Tots. Take part in the parade to show off your decorated golf carts, wagons, cars and even the family pet! Costumes and holiday decorations are encouraged and there will be a chance to win prizes. After the parade, swing by the front lawn for some holiday cheer with hot chocolate, music and more.